7 ways you can improve your CV

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It is a competitive world out there and companies want candidates with specific skill sets to complement their business. And a resume helps you present your skills in an organized way. It helps you stand out from the crowd and gain an edge over your peers. 


Simply adding your academic credentials and degrees is not enough. You must also have a knack for presenting your skills in an attractive way. There are hundreds of applications for a single job vacancy and it is very difficult to catch the eye of the recruiter without an attractive CV. 


Here is a detailed checklist to improve your resume and bag the job. 

List out your accomplishment:

The first section of the resume should list all your professional and personal accomplishments. The HR or recruiter usually scans over this section to check if the candidate is eligible for the position. Mention your work experience, previous employment etc. first as that’s the most relevant information in your CV. 


Personal achievement can include the certificates and awards won in schools and colleges. You can even mention your academic credentials, scholarships, etc. for a good first impression. Add these details as bullet points or a numbered listicle.


Professional accomplishments make a powerful resume. Here, you can mention any award or recommendation received at your previous job. You can even talk about your workplace performance, the projects you’ve handled, etc. This gives a recruiter a fair idea about your work strategy, productivity, and innovation. 


Ensure that you maintain a confident yet professional tone throughout. Keep the resume short and to the point. Don’t ramble on about unnecessary things that add no value to your application. 


Candidates may even mention a section on extracurricular activities, languages, and skills outside of work/academics. Make a list of your hobbies, internships, volunteer work, etc. to create a powerful impact. 

Be Creative

The modern-day resumes are a step ahead of the traditional ones. To make the CV more creative, you can even add images and infographics. This makes your CV both eye-catching and readable. You can even find CV templates that come with ready-made layouts for the same. 


Another useful tip to make your CV readable is to add the relevant keywords and phrases from your industry. For instance, for the position of an SEO specialist, words like SEO-expert, business analysis, data management, make your CV attractive. 

Also, use standard fonts like Times New Roman and bold colors to give your resume a professional appeal. Highlight the keywords and relevant skills- this further improves your chances of getting the job. 


Candidates can even add graphs and charts to present their skillset in a visually appealing way. Rank or rate your skills, use different colors etc. to chart your growth and experience in your field of work. Adding a short video introduction or animations to a digital resume makes your resume more engaging. 

Be clear and concise

The basic purpose of writing a CV is to showcase your skills in the best way possible. It is a tool candidates use to build their credibility and reputation. It is important that you keep your CV readable and approachable.


Every day, there are hundreds of applications for a single job vacancy. Some companies delegate the recruitment task to the HR department. Other organizations have computerized systems to sort through the resumes and pick the right candidate. 


In either of these cases, your CV must be instantly noticeable. Avoid lengthy paras and long sentences in the resume. In fact, it’s better if you present your skillset in a tabular form or in bulleted points. 


The skillset consists of your professional's expertise, language fluency, core competency, etc. Also, list your creative thinking skills and analytical abilities as well. 

Set your priorities straight

Dedicate a section in the CV to state your objectives and career goals. Here, you can talk about your professional aspirations and expectations of the company. Recruitment is a two-way process. It is not just the company looking for an ideal candidate. Even the applicant must put forth their terms to reach an agreement. 


It is important that you evaluate your skills in a fair, unbiased way. Understand your market price and value before pitching in your offer. Also, analyze the demand for your skillset in the industry you want to work in. 


When your skills align with the need of the company, it is a profitable deal for both parties involved. This ensures better productivity, job satisfaction, and earning opportunities.  

Get professional help

Drafting a well-structured resume takes a lot of time and effort. You need to be aware of the industry standards and what companies expect in terms of skill sets and professional experience. For a beginner who is just starting out their career, this can be quite a daunting task 


Freshers often have a lot of doubts and questions when it comes to creating a professional CV.  This is where professionals resume improvement services come into the picture. Professional resume writers are skilled in HR experience. They know all about the latest trends and market expectations. Using this knowledge, the agency drafts your CV, showcasing your skills with greater accuracy and precision. 


A well-drafted CV even covers up for candidates who are slightly less qualified than the others. It is all about how you market your skills and present them in the most optimum way. You can even reach out to assignment experts for proofreading help.


Resume writing services cost ranges between $100 to $400. The cost depends on the brand value of the company and the availability of the writer. The prices also vary from country to country, so check and compare the rates before you decide. 

Resume writing tools for you

There are resume templates and readymade layouts online in .doc, .pdf formats. You can even opt for free tools to build a professional resume design. Platforms like Canva, Cake Resume, Resume Genius and My perfect resume. do a good job. 


All you have to do is download the template and populate it with your professional and personal details. Most resume formats follow a standard layout and provide ample space to list all your accomplishments. 


For better chances of success, you can even browse through industry-specific CV formats. These layouts are tailor-made to suit the sector you want to work in. And once your CV is ready, run it through some proofreading tools like Proofreading tool, Paper Rater, Wordy, Proofread Boot, and Poolish My writing.

Confidentiality statement

The last section of the CV is the confidentiality statement. Here, the candidate pledges how all the information in the CV is true and the recruiter can verify it if needed. This adds to your resume’s overall credibility. 


Note that this statement must also be self-attested by the candidate and then signed by the recruiter as well. In case any of the resume details turn out to be false, the company can take legal action against the candidate.  


A good resume can make or break your career prospects. It is the first impression of an interviewer before seeing you. With a detailed resume, you can display your attitude and interests, creating a powerful impact on HR. 


As an academician by passion, Jane delivers online sessions at Expert Assignment Help (UK), helping students with writing essays and assignments. She is also one of the co-founders and education consultants at Top My Grades. Beyond work, you can find her perfecting her yoga postures.

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