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Staying in a fitness program can sometimes be a challenge when going to work or even on vacation. When faced with many obstacles, from an unfamiliar location, limited exercise options, and space and equipment limitations, you may be tempted to wait until you get home. Regardless of security considerations, wait until you get home.

Wrap your jump rope and stay in position, under stress and on target. Remember that it is compact and portable, and the jump rope can be done anywhere and anytime. Traveling from coast to coast several times a year, I have learned to adapt my "new" neighborhood to a big city or a small city, the United States. Make your trip more enjoyable by planning ahead. These tips can help you stay in shape while you are away.

- Start planning an exercise before leaving home; Call the hotel where you stay and ask if it has a fitness center or if you have the privilege of seeing guests at a nearby health club.

Wrap the rope with proper workout clothes and shoes. Don't forget about your safety !!! If you plan to exercise in the morning or after sunset, best shoes for jumping rope wrap reflective or very clear clothes. There may be some light on the clothes or bracelets.

Check the weather when you are away

Use the internet to find a jogging or walking club in the area where you will live. Most run the clubs have websites with information on the best and safest gyms, as well as valuable tips on the area.

Check local running or walking clubs for recommendations from other clubs that may be related to the city you are visiting;

- Identification of hours of work or use in nearby parks and treadmills or high school or college tracks;

If you have special dietary requirements, restaurants and grocery stores in the search area can cater to your healthy food choices. Choosing unhealthy foods should not be an excuse just because you are not at home.

When you reach your new destination, what happens next? Usually after checking in at the hotel, if I'm not too tired or too late, I like to drive by land. In this case, get to know the public, set up a walk or walk and measure the distance to and from the hotel. Here are some additional tips you can use when you arrive:

- Find out about the stairs at the hotel. I've never been a big fan of elevators, so I often use stairs. The use of stairs can sometimes become an integral part of your workout, especially if the weather is bad or it is too late to return to your room at the end of the day. Make sure the stairs are well lit and safe. Be careful and go up and down - do not run;

- Ask the concierge for training recommendations, they can recommend nearby clubs, fitness trails or even special walks or walking events that may occur during your stay at the hotel. You can also check the tourist information kiosks or local newspapers for fitness events and activities. I once visited a city in the northwest and found a 5K competition at a nearby university. It was an early annual event that was used to raise public awareness of the scholarship program. I didn't expect this program to be free!

Tell me about local jogging or walking clubs that may be near your hotel. Sometimes club members get up early in the morning or go for a walk or run in the evening. Running or walking with club members allows you to work with a group who knows the area and can be a useful resource for other fitness activities that take place during your stay;

- When you arrive at your workplace, your colleagues may be able to offer you the best place for a good workout and give you the names of two employees who can also exercise;

If you are walking around to complete your workout, plan your exercise to make sure this place is especially safe for pedestrians. The places where pedestrians have the most traffic are usually the safest (parks, fitness trails, etc.). Try to avoid streets or places that are isolated or remote.

Now that you know where and when your workouts should take place, you can unscrew the jump rope and start your jumping travel program. Whether I plan to exercise at the hotel or go out, I always start with a 5-10 minute warm-up routine. I usually start with very light exercises for the shoulders, neck, arms, legs and back. I add exercises to strengthen my core muscles as well as my legs.

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