How to watch a video on Instagram

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With the appearance of disappearing files in personal correspondence, it is worth figuring out how to watch a video on Instagram in Yandex.Direct again. For three years now, the messenger has the ability to send photos and videos that disappear after reading.


However, some people registered there have only now learned about this possibility and would like to thoroughly understand it.

What are disappearing messages

Now you can send files of any kind to Direct Instagram, be it audio, video or photos. You can also send photos or videos that will disappear after playing to another person. At that moment, when you view the sent file, an indicator is highlighted on top. It shows how much time is left until the moment when the photo is deleted. The image is displayed for approximately 8 seconds.

The extension was added to Instagram back in 2016. It can be found in every version of the messenger, starting from 10.16 on Android and IOS systems. It is the section with personal messages that has been updated. Later added the ability to record voice files. You can create disappearing photo or video files as one person or several at once.


Sending a photo or video

So how do you post a disappearing photo to Instagram? Here's a quick tutorial on how to send temporary emails to another person:

  • Open the shooting tab (a small house-shaped icon on the bottom panel and swipe to the right). You can swipe right anywhere in the news feed.
  • Next, take any photo or record a video. The frame is made by clicking on the transparent circle at the bottom of the screen. In order to shoot a video, you need to hold down this button. Additionally, you can add any effects to the picture.
  • Click on the arrow-shaped icon in the white circle. It can be at the bottom of the screen or at the top. Its location depends on the version of the messenger and your device.
  • Choose an individual user or a whole group of people for which this photo is intended. If you select people individually, each of them will receive your video files in their Direct. If you have selected a whole group, then a general correspondence is created, where you will send the finished frame. To create a new group, you need to click on the "New group" option located in the upper right corner of the device. After that, you must select certain people who will receive the letter. After the people are selected, click "Create".
  •  Click Submit. This button is at the bottom of the screen.

Now you know how to send a temporary photo to Instagram.

View sent messages

If you have sent temporary videos to users, then you yourself will no longer be able to see them. However, you will receive all notifications about the sending, delivery and receipt of the photo by the interlocutor. You will also receive a notification that another participant in the dialogue took a screenshot of your photo. Also you can to use instagram spy tool.

When the photo has been submitted, the correspondence will be indicated by a circle and will go up to the top of the Inbox. If the picture was sent to you, then before opening the photo on Instagram in messages, you can see that it will disappear after opening.

Conversation statuses and how they can change

When you send private messages to one addressee, then at the very bottom of your dialogue you can see information about the status of the letter. It may indicate additional playback or a screenshot of the screen by another person.

A white checkmark will appear below the delivered emails. After reading it, it will change its color to gray. If the correspondence is group, then you can see the status of the correspondence for each member of the group. To do this, you need to click on the group, hold it. A small menu will open where you need to select "View Actions". The status of the uploaded photo for each person in the group will be displayed there.

Note! You can check the status of the letter you sent only until the moment when another participant in the dialogue has not sent his video. In this case, you will no longer be able to track the status in the group.

Is it possible to view temporary pictures or videos again

If you are wondering how to watch a video on Instagram in Direct again, then you need to follow these steps:

  • Open your Direct mailbox. It is indicated by a small paper airplane icon.
  • In the "Inbox" you need to press and hold those files that you would like to review.
  • A window will be highlighted in which you need to select "Look again".
  • Below "Look again" there will be another "Delete message" function. By clicking on it, you will permanently remove the letter from your inbox. The function "Clear chat history" may also open. By clicking on it, you completely delete all your dialogue with the other person.

Note! You have the opportunity to additionally review temporary images only after receiving them. If you close your personal dialogue with the user, the email will disappear forever. The sender will be notified the next time the temporary videos are viewed.

However, these are not all the secrets of how to re-watch a video on Direct Instagram. Re-viewing must also be indicated by the sender. Before sending a message, the sender can specify that it should be played in a loop for additional viewing.

You have the ability to respond to temporary photos, and you can also submit them yourself. Also, a new function has been added to Instagram that allows you to start online chats with other users.

It will not work to save disappearing pictures on Instagram using standard methods. This is due to the fact that the snapshot is immediately deleted after reading. However, there are special tricks that allow you to save the frame, or at least take a screenshot. It is worth remembering that the sender will immediately know about any manipulations with the picture.

How to ensure that the email becomes available to the user for repeated views

For additional playback, the user can set special settings. They can be selected at the bottom of the page. The One View feature prevents the message from being played again. The Allow Repeat Play feature allows the recipient to view the video or photo again. However, after the second playback, the frames or video will be permanently deleted.

Now you have learned how to re-view a photo in Direct Instagram. However, it is worth remembering that not every video file is available for re-viewing. Also, the user will immediately know that you tried by any means to save his photo. The second video playback is possible only until you close the conversation. And also, from the moment of sending the video, it should not take much time. Otherwise, the message will be deleted permanently, you will no longer be able to view it.

At the same time, senders cannot independently view the temporary files sent by them. However, all statuses, replays, and screenshot data will be displayed in front of them. Therefore, one should act wisely.

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