Tips For Writing an Impressive Narrative Essay

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Students majoring in English, journalism or creative writing have to do multiple assignments on narrative writing. Likewise, a narrative essay is an integral part of research essays as it involves describing an event in the research work.  

Assignments on narrative writing are all about telling a story. It can be in the form of an essay, fairy tale or joke. To write a narrative essay, you need to compose it with five elements: plot, setting, character, conflict and theme. Based on these elements, you develop the essay using a narrative style, chronological order, point of view and various other strategies. 

To simplify this problematic writing process and make your narrative essay impressive, you can follow the simple tips

  • Clarity

Coursework help experts say that intricate words and sentences make a narrative essay incomprehensible. The content and context of the paper become blurred to the reader. In contrast, using descriptive yet straightforward sentences helps to avoid ambiguity.  


  • Try to Avoid Writing Every Detail

Excessive details often ruin the essence and flavour of content and make it boring. To make your narrative essay engaging to your reader, try to make it informative yet engaging. Experts from any assignment help company may help to gain this skill.


  • Don't use Second-Person Narrative

When you write a narrative essay, you share your personal experience. So, it is advisable to write the essay in the first person only. Use I, me, my, instead of he, her, we, it, them, herself, in describing the details. It will completely change the meaning of writing a narrative essay. Visit us for college essay help online.


  • Use Effective Words

Avoid penning down repetitive phrases or colloquial jargons in a narrative essay. It will make your writing dull and ethically unprofessional. Additionally, you will lose the uniqueness of your content.


  • Don't Tell your Story Early

It is better not to say the complete story in the first sentence. Disclose everything in stages. Try to play with your readers' minds by giving hints and clues of what will happen at the end. It will create your reader's interest in your narration and make your essay stand out. If you include conversations between the characters of your writing, keep it short and crisp. 


  • Limit References

Limit using references in your narrative essay. Narrative essays talk about the personal journey or your imagination of how a situation should be. Try to use your research to develop your content. However, you can use similarity with other experiences in conclusion. 


If you follow the above mentioned rules, your writing skill will reflect your essay writing and make your narrative essay interesting.

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