Tips for choosing label printers

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You can use label printers to perform a variety of functions. They help manage the supply chain, labels for packaging, specimen, or blood marks in the laboratories.  Labels can be created and printed in various ways. However, if a person keeps his information using Google spreadsheets, this process is greatly simplified. You can print labels from the Google Sheets by first installing an add-on in the computer called Foxy Labels which will enable one to create a document that is ready to print.

Before choosing the label printer to use, few questions must be answered, which will function as a guideline that will help the seller be aware of the printer that they should purchase for labels and stickers.

Know how to use label printers

If one is looking to purchase a printer, they are probably aware of where you will use it. This helps one determine and follow the essential features that emerge when one decides to purchase one. If one plans to apply the label printer for use in the industry, they will need to buy a printer that can run for very long hours and still manage to produce high-quality labels. However, if the work demands that the owner moves from one place to another, one needs to acquire a small label printer that is portable for convenience.

The label printer should be portable.

For instance, let us take an example of a doctor required to launch and get samples from the field. Therefore, you should acquire a portable printer and easily be carried around from one place to another. This printer should also be efficient enough in that it lets one do their work with no issue. A portable printer can be carried on the shoulders or can be attached to the belt. Considering this before deciding to buy the label printer to buy would work for the good of purchasing it.


Before purchasing any label printer, keep in mind the number of labels you will need to print in a day. This will assist you to attain a reasonable estimate on the printer type that you will need. One should also consider the environment where the printer can be used and obtain one that can work properly without getting any problems.


Print resolution can be measured in dots per inch. You can obtain more solution if the DPI is higher. If one is going to make use of the printer to address labels and other label types that the customers will view, then one should buy a printer that prints suitable labels of high quality.


If one will make use printer in the industrial line, then the amount of money lost equals the amount of money lost. The printing speed of many label printers ranges from four inches every second to 14 inches. This is a very significant factor as far as time is concerned. One should buy a printer whose optimal rate ensures that the work runs smoothly and efficiently.

Printer connectivity

The label printer that one buys should possess a variety of networks to make printing easier to access and very convenient. Many of these label printers have WI-FI connections, integrated Bluetooth, Ethernet, and many other connectivity options that ease printing. Wireless printing can be very convenient because it eliminates the hassle of using so many cables during connection which may bring about work hazards.

The type of the label

you can use label printers to produce two label types; heat-sensitive direct thermal transfer labels or even thermal transfer labels. The former labels have a short label span compared to the latter, and also, they don’t work very well in situations with high temperatures. The latter labels are cheap since they do not require a thermal ribbon, but one cannot use them to print scratch-resistant labels.

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