Tips For Leveraging SMS Marketing

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Businesses that struggle with marketing can now leverage SMA marketing tactics as a short easy way of reaching out to their loyal customers. However, not all marketers are experienced in using short messaging. This is why we have prepared a collection of 10 most effective tips to help you with SMS marketing.

Research shows that over 70% of Americans own a smartphone. Besides, over 95% of customers report to use their phones while shopping. This is a sign that many customers will have more access to SMS, which is a more basic phone function compared to email or social media.

If you already use SMS in your marketing campaigns, some of the tips below will be able to move your success rate to the next level. However, before we indulge into that, here are the three SMS marketing best practice guide. Consider this a bonus!

  • Send text from GmailLinks to an external site.
  • Let your audience know the kind of content to expect
  • Let your customers know that they are free to “STOP” the messages any time by including an opt-out message
  • Let people know how frequent the messages will be sent to them

Use the tips below to maximize your returns with SMS marketing.

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Create A Strategic SMS Marketing Team

SMS marketingLinks to an external site. is generally far from DIY practices especially if you own a large business or firm. You will be able to leverage the power of SMS by incorporating a team of professional SMS marketers in your business.

A strategic SMS marketing team will be able to design a good marketing strategy for your organization, determine the right frequency and even the content that goes to your customers. Some of the roles you will need to fill include:

  • Designers
  • SMS marketing expert
  • ROI analyst
  • Content developers
  • Promotional strategist
  • A retail marketing expert
  • Discount budget analyst
  • On-location signate coordinator etc.

If you run a large corporation, you may need all of the above or even more experts to coordinate your marketing strategies. However, small businesses may need one or two experts to lower the marketing costs.

Members of the strategic team must therefore work closely together. The more open your team is in terms of planning, communication, and execution of strategies; the greater the ROI.

Learn And Understand Your Customer

If you want to reap more benefits from short messaging as a marketing strategy, you must know your customers. A good customer relationship management application will help you with this.

A good understanding of your customer involves the understanding of their purchase history, behavior, location, age, profession etc. for instance, it will not make much sense to send a marketing SMS to an old granny living in New York about your trendy interior décor store in Texas!

Knowing your target customers helps you to plan targeted SMS promotions. With the help of the most modern messaging tools, it is possible and easier to hit your target just when it is right. On the other hand, however bulk messaging is old-fashioned, you can still use it to drive general promotions.

Let The Message Be Very Clear

SMS has many limitations when it comes to length of your message. You should therefore stick to the point of your marketing. Use plain and simple English to express your message in a clear and concise manner.

Prompt your client to immediate action by avoiding open-ended messages. For instance, if you are promoting an offer, mention when the offer starts and ends. Also, include key details about the offer.

Use CTA Buttons

Do you want to engage your customers with an SMS promo? Use a call-to-action button. You really want your customers to be engaged, to interact with your texts, to value them, and finally act on them.

Some of the CTA winners you can leverage are:

  • “Click here.” An SMS is supposed to be short. As such, you will not have the space to include all that detail. You can add a link to your website, event video or map. A “click her” button drives your customer to the necessary details.
  • “Text-to-vote.” If you are running a poll, this call to action will be most appropriate to get your audience to act immediately.
  • “Show this text.” Maybe you are running a promotion with a discounted offer. A “show this text for 20% off your shopping this Easter” will be a sure way to pull your customers to the store.

Know When To Send The Messages

The trick of SMS marketing is immediacy. You must therefore get your timings right.

Do not send messages either too early or too late. Besides, research shows that promotions are more successful when they are delivered as “last minute.” It is therefore more effective to send a last-minute SMS promotion.

If you have a dinner promotion on Friday night for instance, send the message at the end of the day and not earlier.

Target Your Loyal Customers

Identify a number of your best customers. These are clients who buy from you consistently, promote your brand to friends and family, and even give you feedback. Because these people understand your brand, target them to leverage on this knowledge.

Promote Op-Ins

Here are some of the ways you can prompt your customers to opt-in.

  • Website opt-in; provide SMS opt-in feature on your website
  • Social media; add “mobile Number” fields to your social media pages such as Facebook to drive your customers to opt-in or sign up for your SMS messaging.
  • Point-of-sale; train your employees to always ask customers to opt-in for SMS promotions at the point-of-sal

Convert Leads Into SMS Subscribers Through Live Chat

Integrate live chat into your website as an automated path to SMS subscription. This platform is known to increase conversion rates, build loyalty and increase order value among customers. You can easily use a bot together with an opt-in widget to generate SMS subscribers.

Send Confirmations And Reminders Via SMS

As a service provider, keep in touch with your customers by sending prompt reminders and confirmations via SMS. Some of these reminders and confirmations could be:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Billing reminders
  • Booking confirmations

Be Educational, Then Sell

Start your campaigns with education, create a relationship and determine whether it makes sense to proceed with marketing conversations. You can integrate chatbots with live agents to boost your ROI on SMS marketing.

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