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Love Language app is a free instant dating app exclusively for Android devices. The first requirement is you must have an Android device. The app works by using Google+ Local thus requires the user to log in with their Google account for upload and access the service.


The Love Language app works similar to other free dating apps where the user has to search for people in their location through different features. The basic difference is the free tinder offers more features than the other. Some of the features include:

  • Group dating
  • Find your friends on tinder
  • Find local women
  • Get tips on how to meet women
  • Find local men according to geography
  • Send and receive messages
  • You can make a profile and view profiles of other individuals
  • Manage your search with the calendar
  • Access to new people
  • Chat
  • Connect with friends
  • Create your own group


The free dating app also offers a number of features for users to add.


These include:

  • Invite friends to join your network
  • Add friends to your network
  • Manage your search according to location
  • Send messages and send gifts
  • View your recent activities on your profile
  • Manage groups
  • Browse your list of groups according to interests, hobbies and more
  • Manage preferences
  • Manage favorites


The free dating app also has the option of in-app purchases.

These include:

  1. Save money on text messages
  2. Pay for photo albums
  3. Buy gift cards and tickets to concerts and events
  4. Purchase tickets for in-person dates


If you want to upgrade your membership, you can choose to pay through your Google account or pay through PayPal. After payment, you will be able to access premium features.


Some of the premium features include:

  • Build your own profile
  • Send and receive messages from members
  • Manage your search according to age, gender and likes/dislike
  • Get special offers and discounts 


The dating app also allows you to access your contacts and search for other profiles.

Facebook has recently introduced two new apps. On the first day, it launched Facebook Fit which is designed to help fitness buffs and Facebook users find workouts based on their own interests. On the second day, it launched Facebook Food which is similar to Flixster where people can browse and search for restaurant recipes from around the world. Both these apps are in the process of testing and Facebook Fitness will be available soon for all its users. In the mean time, users can try out the Facebook Free Dating app.


Like Facebook Food, the Facebook dating app lets its users to browse through an ever-expanding database of restaurants based on location, user's taste and budget. In the near future, the company aims to expand its social network beyond its existing social network and allow users to find people based on other factors such as education, career choice, age and many more. So far, the service is only available in English. Users can still search for local restaurants in their city, but the US-based social network is gearing up for an international expansion soon enough.


Users can use this app to discove BLK reviews on Internet. They can also use it to connect with others who feel like connecting with others. This is one of the best dating apps currently available. Its features allow users to search for others based on their interests, like music or fashion. It lets you browse through profiles of people based on things they recently mentioned or even those mentioned by someone you already know. You can even upload your own profile and invite friends to connect with you. Once you get hooked, you can invite your friends to join your network.


Dating app Waze is another very popular social media and dating app that allows you to search for local Wi-Fi hotspots, Tinders and place a bid on them to win a car. After you win the bid, you can go on to complete your search and connect with someone you like. Unlike with other dating apps, you don't have to wait around for someone to accept your offer, you can go ahead and get that person as soon as possible. It uses the Waze navigation system to help you find places you should connect with.


Like Line and Tindr, Waze offers a free version of the service that is accessible in English, French, German, Portuguese and Japanese. It also has a paid version that costs $3.99 a month and offers more features than the free version. You can download the app from iTunes. If you haven't checked it out yet, you're definitely missing out on something fun and exciting! So what are you waiting for?

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