Shark ion robot r75 vacuum reviews

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There is nothing more comforting than returning from a hard day at work to a sparkly clean home that smells like fresh roses. However, as busy people that we are, sometimes, that is just a far-fetched dream. If only there was something that could clean the house even when we were not home. 

As the law of economics goes, once there is demand, there is supply. Thanks to modern technology, robot vacuum cleaners have come into being to bridge this gap between consumers' needs and reality, making even the impossible possible. 
Robot cleaners are smart cleaners that vacuum your floors spotlessly even when you’re not there. They pick up not just fine dust, but also pet-hair-- a big nuisance for pet owners. 
If you’re looking to get a good, best-quality robot vacuum, you’ve come to the right place! Here at The King Live, we bring good reviews concerning the use of products, including vacuum cleaners, to help consumers make better decisions. 
Our reviews are based on hours of research on the Internet, examining how users worldwide are experiencing their products, what they like about them and what they are having difficulty with. 
We also do our own research in the lab, testing different brands to give a comparative look on what the best brands on the market are for certain types of goods. 
Based on our research, one of the best robot vacuum cleaners on the market is the Shark Ion Robot R75. In this article, we will give detailed shark ion robot r75 reviews so as to give you an idea what this machine can do. 
  • About The Company 
Shark is a leading company in technology, excelling in incorporating innovative technology into domestic life, making the lives of consumers like you and I so much easier and more enjoyable. 
When it comes to vacuum cleaners, Shark’s products have been on the top list for many years. Examples can include the Shark Navigator NV360, Shark Lift-Away Professional NV356E, Shark Rotator Pet Hair 753, and now, the Shark ion robot 750 robotic vacuum. 
What’s special about Shark is that they believe in the power of invention. On their website, there is a separate page reserved for community learning where users of Shark products can share their DIY ideas and results with the community, and everyone learns from one another. Shark not only benefits the lives of its users, but also provides them with the chance to innovate, meet with like-minded people and to mingle in such a community.
  • About the Shark Ion Robot 750 Vacuum 
This model is among the latest releases by Shark. It comes equipped with the best technology that enhances productivity, power efficiency and user comfort. Unlike its predecessors, this little robotic cleaner can be monitored from afar, is hyper-sensitive in its navigation, and works like a pro thanks to its powerful battery. 
Among others, we must mention the top benefits of this little cleaner that will amaze even the toughest critics. They include: the easy assembly, powerful battery life, strong suction power, and smart connection with AI inputs. Now, let us dive into the details, see what the vacuum is all about. 
  • Ease of Assembly 
The first convenience is the ease with which the Shark ion robot rv750 - Shark ion robot vacuum reviews can be put together. 
Out of the box, you will see the cleaner itself, two side brushes and a charging dock. To get the machine going, you need to set up the charging dock. Simply place it steadily on an even surface, against the wall, then plug the socket in. The charging dock will be the station where your machine comes back to recharge itself. 
For this reason, make sure that there are no obstacles within at least 5 feet around the dock. This is to ensure that the robot does not bump into objects or is hindered in any way when it is returning to recharge. Once the dock is steadied, the light on its side will turn green, signifying that it’s ready to be used. 
Now onto the machine. Place the machine upside down to insert the two side brushes. Simply press them into place and they should be in good shape. Then, if you’re using it for the first time, place it firmly on the dock for it to charge. You will notice then that the light on the side of the dock will turn blue, signifying that the machine is being charged. 
This is a very good way of ensuring that the charging process has taken place, because there is nothing more frustrating than waiting for hours then finding out that it is not even plugged in. Once the three lights on the vacuum turn blue, that means that the battery is fully charged and you can begin using the cleaner. If the lights turn red, that means that battery is low. 
  • Battery Life
One of the most important features to notice about the shark robotic vacuum in particular but robot vacuums in general is the life of the battery. This refers to how long the vacuum lasts within a single charge. For good ones like the R750, the battery lasts up to 90 minutes, allowing it to clean a big house with multiple floors. 
However, like anything else but especially batteries, they wear out. For this reason, remember to take good care of the battery while it lasts and you cannot avoid having it replaced after a couple of years of use. But, according to experts, you may have to use the battery for thousands of hours before you need a new one. 
One thing to note is that since the machine recharges itself, you really don’t have to bother much about charging it, unless under special circumstances that require human assistance like changing the battery. Other than that, rest assured that the robot can take care of itself and your beloved home. 
  • Powerful Suction 
One of the main concerns that users have with robotic vacuums are that they are not as powerful. This is true because given their small size and compact design, you cannot expect the suction of a heavy-duty canister vacuum. Although they cannot carry out rigorous cleaning tasks or deep cleaning the whole house, they do get your floor shiny and spotless. 
The powerful suction is enhanced through an innovative brush system that Shark ion robot reviews call the “tri-brush” system. This is comprised of channel brushes, spinning brushes, and a multifunctional brush. All three incorporate smoothly with each other to sweep dust from all directions on the surface then gracefully guide them under the machine in order to be stored. 
The spinning brushes have the function of collecting dust from the front, edges and little corners, while the channel brushes push the dust into the rolling brush and eventually into the machine. The multi-purpose roller brush is designed to work effortlessly with any kinds of surfaces, from low to high pile carpet to delicate wooden floors. 
  • Connection with AI 
The idea of monitoring things with one’s voice is no longer a foreign concept to modern homeowners. But did you know that even the smallest things, like a vacuum cleaner, can also be ordered by your voice? Yes, the Shark Ion 750 can do that as well! 
Simply connect the machine to your Alexa or Google Assistant on your mobile app, and the machine becomes your complier. No more fretting about having to haul the entire thing across the hall using your arm’s strength. As long as you have wifi, you can tell the machine to do whatever and it understands like a human being. How great is that?

That final feature concludes our review of the Shark ion robot cleaner for today. If you want to hear more from us, make sure you follow our media platform!

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