Perfecting Your Essay Thesis Statement

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It is common for you to find yourself staring at the paper or your assignment question trying to come up with a central thesis for you to work on in the essay. Usually, the thesis statement can be a direct answer to your essay prompt. The prompt will narrow the thesis down for you. However, there are cases when you are given a topic to write on without a specific prompt. In such a case you have to narrow down the topic before writing your thesis statement.

“Help me to find professional paper writing service” you might find yourself asking your peers, such overwhelming the task is at times. Moreover, you can also hire a writing expert to get done with this task. 

Here we take a look at what a thesis statement is, how to narrow down the subject, and how to come up with the right thesis statement.

What is the thesis statement?

A thesis statement is a group of sentences that define the central argument or claim that you will talk about in your essay. The statement will demonstrate your stance on the topic and will target to answer the essay prompt or a question about the topic at hand. The statement usually comes at the end of the introduction but it can come anywhere in the introduction as long as its prominent.

Narrowing the Topic

If you are provided with just the topic and the type of essay, then it is important for you to focus on narrowing the subject matter down.

Entering a prevalent discussion

You can choose the thesis to talk on a discussion that has been going on about the topic at hand. It can be a recent development or one that is ongoing over a period of time. This way you will not only get to join the wider discussion but will find plenty of resources to get the relevant information from.

Read through the secondary sources

Most of the time your inability to find the right thesis is your unfamiliarity with the subject matter. A great way to start doing so is to read into the secondary sources— those that talk about other works. Online encyclopedias are a great way to get the gist of the topic, it’s salient points and arguments. 

The information will allow you to narrow it down for you.

Be particular

Remember to narrow down the topic to a particular subject or a category. If the topic you come up with is still broad then you should work more on the above parts with the focus on finding a particular subject.

 Thesis statement guidelines

  • You should tell the reader what argument, idea, or claim you will demonstrate and how will you demonstrate it. It should include more information intention.
  • You should also inform the reader why your thesis is of importance and why should the readers read into it.
  • Use definite and clear wording in writing the thesis. You should resolute in telling the readers to heed your argument.
  • Make sure that it answers the essay prompt or the essay question specifically. 

The thesis outline gives an overview of the claims and arguments that you are going to discuss in the remainder of write my paper. In shorter essays, this gets absorbed into the thesis statement. But in longer essays, this becomes a separate paragraph.

You shouldn’t give away any details about your claim in the thesis or anywhere in the introduction. If done right you will have a statement that succeeds at talking about a particular topic and communicating the gist of the argument without giving too much away. 

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