Making The Best Out Of Your Microwave Oven

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Heat - this is a type of energy that we need in order to do lots of things in a day, including cooking. While some foods are eaten raw, most of the foods and drinks that we consume require being processed using heat, being it from a gas stove, burning charcoal, or a counter-top microwave. Of course, you would want to generate heat the most convenient way possible.

On top of your gas stove, it would be ideal to have a tabletop or counter-top microwave oven. This is a beneficial addition to your kitchen gizmos.

  1. You can cook nutritious and satisfying meals in seconds or minutes.
  2. There is no need to pre-heat the oven. Use it right away and you are assured the food is cooked evenly.
  3. You do not have to keep watching the counter-top microwave while it is cooking since it has its sensors and will automatically switch off at the allotted time.
  4. In case you run out of gas, you can still cook food using the counter-top or table-top microwave as it runs on electricity.

Of course, you will likely choose only from the best counter top microwaves as you want topnotch performance. However, you can maximize this kitchen appliance's potential regardless of the brand and model if you do the following:

  1. Read the manual and use it as directed.
  2. Use only 80% of the appliance's capacity per session. For example, loading it up with only 80% of its weight and space capacities, or putting rest intervals in between prolonged use. This will ensure the microwave oven is not taxed and will remain functional for years, even if you use it daily.
  3. Perform preventive check-up of the counter-top microwave oven, especially of the door. It is important that this is tightly sealed each time it is switched on. This will guarantee even cooking of food and your safety.
  4. Clean the microwave oven inside and out only as directed. Do not use cleaning agents that may affect the durability and function of the kitchen appliance.
  5. The pans, trays, bowls and other stuff that enter the oven should indeed be microwaveable.

You can optimize the function and lengthen the durability of your counter-top microwave through proper use and upkeep. The experience does not rely entirely on the performance of your unit. You should also be a responsible 'chef' in the kitchen.

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