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Terrifier De la Pelicula Online Gratis | Terrifier Espanol y Castellano Ver Online HD (2020) Sub Espanol Latinoamérica

‎Terrifier De la Pelicula Ver Online Gratis - Sub Espanol Latinoamérica
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De la Pelicula ‎Terrifier Repelis Ver Online HD Pelicula Completa

‎Terrifier is a 2016 American slasher film written, co-produced, and directed by Damien Leone. The film stars Jenna Kanell, Samantha Scaffidi, Catherine Corcoran, and David Howard Thornton as Art the Clown. The film follows Tara Heyes (Kanell) as she finds herself as Art's next target on Halloween night. It marks the second feature film appearance of the Art the Clown character, after Leone's 2013 anthology film All Hallows' Eve,[2] which incorporated footage from previous short films that were also directed by Leone and featured the character.

The main setting of the film, a decrepit apartment building, has been likened to symbolizing a labyrinth that the characters must traverse through as they battle Art.[3] Terrifier premiered at the Telluride Horror Show Film Festival in October 2016 before being picked up by Dread Central Presents and Epic Pictures for a limited theatrical release in March 2018.

Terrifier Pelicula Reparto (Elenco)
Jenna Kanell as Tara Heyes
Samantha Scaffidi as Victoria Heyes
David Howard Thornton as Art the Clown
Catherine Corcoran as Dawn
Pooya Mohseni as Cat Lady

‎Terrifier /Terrifier Pelicula Chile Ver Online Gratis

‎Monica Brown, a talk show host, interviews a severely disfigured woman who is the sole survivor of a massacre that took place the previous Halloween. Brown mentions that the body of the killer, known only as "Art the Clown", disappeared from the morgue, suggesting that he is still alive. However, the disfigured woman insists that she saw him die. After the show, Monica insults the woman's appearance, after which the woman attacks Monica and gouges her eyes out.

On Halloween night, two friends, Tara and Dawn, leave a Halloween party and drunkenly wander back to Dawn's car, where they notice a strange man in a clown costume. The man, Art the Clown, follows them into a nearby pizzeria. After a short time, the restaurant owner roughly escorts Art from the premises for smearing his own feces all over the bathroom walls. The girls discover that one of Dawn's car tires has been slashed, and Tara calls her sister Vicky to come pick them up. While waiting, Tara asks a pest control worker, Mike, if she can enter the derelict apartment building he's working in to use the restroom. Once inside, Tara encounters a deluded woman (credited as "Cat Lady"), who believes the doll she carries is her infant child. Art returns to the pizzeria, where he kills and mutilates the two workers before abducting Dawn.


Título original Terrifier
Año 2016
Duración 82 min.
País Estados Unidos
Dirección Damien Leone


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