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Attitude After Court Marriage in Pakistan:

Jamila Advocate is the best lawyer for court marriage in Pakistan. This proves that a woman has to be stronger, more tactful and caring than a man to live up to all these expectations. And the toughest of all these roles is that of the wife!  While turning the pages of History we meet many married couples after court marriage in Pakistan who has had very successful relationships with their spouses. Their marriages were not only a success but they led their lives the way they wanted, and shared exceptional relationships with each other. Although, these couple were in the public eye yet they managed to remain happy. Behind every famous man there is a woman and behind every famous woman there is a man.  Happily Married Couples after court marriage in Pakistan most of us see many happily married couples around us but no one knows the secret of their happy marriage except for the close family members. The only marriages which are publicized are those of celebrities.

Court Marriage Lawyer & Advocate Jamila Ali:

Want to get the legal services of court marriage Lawyer in Pakistan then you are in the real place. Advocate Jamila Ali is the best Lawyer for the services of court marriage in Pakistan. We will conduct your court marriage in Lahore Pakistan under the law of court marriage in Pakistan. Call @  0092-3234910089 for more details and visit our website. Get the legal guidelines by our best lawyer in Lahore Pakistan.

Successful Court Marriage in Pakistan.

 Most couples are happy as they marry a spouse of their own choice. Most celebrity marriages after court marriage in Pakistan are a success, some are of convenience, while others seem to crash before they have even started.  A few marriages have been a success and everyone wishes to have a spouse who can make life worth living. In some primitive societies this totally 'arranged marriage' system still prevails but sensible family members do intervene and try to convince the parents to support the couple into getting married  through court marriage in Pakistan to the spouse of their choice.

The media has often highlighted incidents of suicides, physical torture etc. of individuals who are forced into marriages which are only contracted to suit some monetary or prestige issues of the family elders/parents. This practice has been considerably reduced due to awareness, education and also because parent/ child relationship is friendlier than what it was a few years ago.  We only live once, love once and die once. Therefore couples must be clear about what they want from marriage .How they wish to live and with whom they wish to share their lives. Whatever they do must be wanted by both of them. Life should be enjoyed and shared only then is it worth living. We must try to do something worthwhile in this world.  "Dust thou art to dust returns, was not spoken of the soul."  Soul mates excel at whatever he/she does provided they are content.

Family Responsibilities after Court Marriage in Pakistan:

This world is a beautiful place and is worth living in, provided both are happily married, with children and a home. Family responsibility always motivates all of us to excel and do well in 'all walks of life.  Life can be heavenly, provided one is married through court marriage in Pakistan to the right or nearly right spouse but it can be just like an invisible hell if the couple is not in love and has nothing in common. In other words they are not attuned to each other. Thus selecting the right mate is the most crucial decision of our lives.  Marriage is a total gamble; no one knows how a person is going to behave as a spouse. Most people are entirely different when one has to live with them THAN what they are when one meets them socially.  In order to avoid this catastrophe of a mismatched wedlock, it is always advisable to try to find the right person with whom we can spend a blissful lifetime.

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