What You Need Is A Good Exit Plan

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Ah, break ups. Don’t we all want to skip this part of the whole dating scene? It almost always leave a bitter taste in the mouth. Bad memories. Hurt. Bad Blood. AND, very rarely, friends.

Dating and relationships are all good when two people from Craigslist are still working on making things work but when the time comes that things get sour and they’re just seemingly too caught up to properly end things — salvage the friendship, at least — the break up process may just turn real bad.

Personally, I’m really bad at handling break ups (as if I’ve been through many, eh?) that’s probably why I hardly talk about them. Twas a great thing to have come across this article at Craigslist which sparked up an idea that I couldn’t have been able to communicate to you guys as effectively.

“Believe it or not, most bad breakups are preventable, given two things: 1) Both parties grasp that there’s a difference between expectations and reality, and 2) The person whose reality defies the other person’s expectations is honest about the discord. The ideal exit strategy is actually quite simple: Be honest, courteous and resolute. This requires a great deal of courage, but so does dating, and if we can muster enough guts for the purposes of initiating something, doesn’t it only make sense that we scrounge up enough to end what we started in the same way?” (Source: thehoya.com)

I guess, one of the things I’ve learned over time is it’s never worth staying in a Craigslist relationship that will only pull you down, making you miss experiencing the prime of your life. Another is that bad break ups can actually ruin your perspective on things, which can also be a reason for you to miss certain things in life just because you failed to see the glass half full. So, wouldn’t you agree that it’s better to go about ending things in an amicable manner? Like what was said in the article (though paraphrased), were you not mature enough to enter into a relationship that ending it in the same manner is something that can be expected of you?

I guess this is something we all should think about. Any additional thoughts?

I’m a Love Magnet

I just finished taking this quiz over at youniverse. I reckon they’re the same makers of Visual DNA app/quiz. I enjoyed taking the latter so I guess that’s what pushed me to try this one.

India Craigslist

Mumbai Craigslist

Hyderabad Craigslist

Pune Craigslist

Delhi Craigslist

Chennai Craigslist

Kolkata Craigslist

That’s where I discovered that I’m a Love Magnet.

“It seems like you’re someone who can’t imagine life without romantic frolics. Maybe it’s because you fall in love so easily. You tend to be very quick to get involved, too. You like to jump into relationships feet first. It’s all about intuition and chemistry when it comes to picking a match. Love is so important to you that you probably don’t feel quite complete unless you get your fair share of affection. You need to be really careful that your love doesn’t dwindle as the passion fades. If you want a relationship that really endures, make sure that there’s more to it than physical attraction.”

If you want to learn more, I suggest that you take the quiz! Let me know how you do! Have fun!

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