Mature Master the Skills of Online Flirting

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mature dating

Even though I prefer to meet men in person, I do have a profile up on an online dating site. I kind of go in waves, sometimes its fun to check out mature men online and other times I just don’t want to spend the time. But recently, maybe because it has been summertime and all, I have been having quite a bit of fun!

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I believe I am quite good at online flirting. Its easy for me to craft fun statements and say just enough. Of course it is! I am hiding behind my keyboard! Much harder in mature person to be so flirtatious. I do believe there is a craft to it. I don’t tend to respond to the dudes that write me and say "Hi, I liked your profile, if you like mine, write me back." Seriously who is going to be intrigued by that?

Recently I was at an event and was fortunate enough to meet  "The Personal Trainer for Love", Evan Marc Katz. This is a guy who has been on CBS, CNN, Today Show, The Tyra Banks Show and Good Morning America the list goes on. His speciality is providing one-on-one coaching. He has written over 500 profiles for people. After exchanging cards, the next day I went to his website. A few statements caught my eye:
"Maybe you’re not meeting enough people"
"Maybe you’re not getting the attention you deserve online"
"Maybe you’re confused by the behaviors of the opposite sex"

He knows his business thats for sure. In his video, he provides a few tips when communicating online.

1. Be unique. Never say "Hi" as the subject. Catch their eye, make them intrigued to want to open your message.

2. Don’t write lists. People tune out. Everyone says, I like music, playing sports and watching movies…Boring. It says nothing about you. This is not a personal statement its an ad. Connect with stories. Instead of saying "I like to travel". Say "I had the best sangria in Barcelona."

3. If you are explaining what kind of person you want to be with, think of the time you were in love and with a great person. Don’t say I am looking for someone thoughtful, instead, "He would wake me in the morning with the Style section and blueberry pancakes. People can connect with stories than lists.

4. Keep emails short and close confidently. Its not "if he’s going to write back" its "when".

All of this is so true! I plan on working on my profile to include more stories, maybe I will be brave enough to show you my "before" and "after".

One thing that gets me every time is humor. I am one who loves to laugh, and those who know me, know how contagious my laugh is. So to talk with a guy who is very humorous, we have quite a bit of fun. So if a guy can take a creative and humor approach to his profile I’m instantly intrigued.

Recently, I read the most hilarious profile, somehow this mature guy wrote a profile that was so funny but in the end really had nothing to say about himself…I can’t even explain it. But its the best one I’ve read yet.

And the better news is he is just as funny in person. After talking on email and phone, we finally met. Have you ever been with someone you were having so much fun with that you noticed that everyone mature was looking. Because you were the "fun" couple in the corner they wished they were? That was us. Summer of fun please don’t end!

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